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  1. Laura

    I think you should be a Jimi Hendrix chin head.

  2. katie d.

    Sexy Jesus. If I win I’ll let you pick the Top-drawer tee

  3. AAA

    I am not good with costume ideas but this is what came to mind:

    tom hanks from castaway with a volleyball

    The guy from the hangover movie – get a fake baby and sunglasses


  4. Angela

    My top three picks:

    Gandolf, Obi Wan Kenobi, a lumber jack (you could go Disney and do Toy Story’s the Prospector but I’m not sure how much respect you’d get fot that one) or Santa Claus- seriously it’s a good beard for a Santa.

  5. You would make an awesome Jesus or a Pirate (Johnny Depp style).

  6. Definitely Mick Foley of WWF fame. http://www.google.com/images?client=safari&rls=en&q=mick+foley&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1342&bih=983

    Other ideas:
    * EPIC BEARD MAN – (just need to dye it white) http://www.break.com/fights/epic-beard-man-bus-fight.html and http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/epic-beard-man — and he’s already wearing a f’ing killer t-shirt!!!!
    * Brawny Man (good for getting the ladies at parties but would only utilize the ‘stache) http://www.google.com/images?client=safari&rls=en&q=old+brawny+man
    * Bee Beard Man http://www.google.com/images?client=safari&rls=en&q=bee+beard
    * Paul Bunyan (walk in a costume like you’re riding Babe the ox, or you could wear a sign that says “Looking for my Babe” — get it??? — and you’ll get the ladies, my friend)

    * Bigfoot.
    * Michaelangelo’s Moses sculpture — paint your entire body white for this http://www.romaviva.com/Santa-Maria-Maggiore/moses.htm
    * Teen Wolf – dude you get to wear a basketball jersey over your hairy body

    And if you do pick an idea of mine, the shirt I guess I’d like is http://shop.upperplayground.com/p/I-LEFT-MY-HEART-IN-SF/SF10908T

    You know how to contact me!

  7. I say either Rakki from Youngblood or Jack Shephard from LOST…

    you can even keep the beard by being drug addled Jack from the end of Season 3. Make sure you keep repeating, “We have to go baaaaack!”

    Oh, and I’ll have this sweet one from Manz if I win.

    • JP

      Ahh, “The Heroine.” A fine choice, sir. I can’t believe you just pulled out a Youngblood reference. I feel like going to the farm and training my boxing skills in a barn. Which is also kinda like Rocky IV. Racki? Rocky? The universe has me on my heels right now…

  8. D-Sal

    I think you should go as “The Machine” referenced by Brian Wilson:


    • JP

      Dsal, You are the winner of the costume idea! AWESOME, thank you!

      …BUT, since you didn’t tell what shirt you wanted, I couldn’t use you as the final winner in the drawing… Need some excitement in the announcement, ya know? I’ll contact you and we can work something out!

  9. Joshy J

    This is absolute bullsh*t. Are you saying I’m going to have to go buy a t-shirt FOR MYSELF? “Looking for my Babe” was the best idea you never used, my friend. Well at least KTD is going to look super fine in that shirt you chose. Not that she would need it.

    • JP

      Joshy J, There will be plenty more opportunities to win, buddy. And, come on, Wilson + The Machine? I’ve got a 260lb Samoan ready to go as my Machine. It will be devastatingly awesome. KTD WILL look good in that shirt! ;)

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